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Listen to individuals describe their experiences of healing as they learn to trust God and become aware of their one-ness with Him.

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Recent episodes:

  • You may have thought about love that’s unselfish: love that sacrifices selfish motives or personal interests for the sake of others. But have you thought about unselfed love? Our guest this week, T. Michael Fish, explains what unselfed love is—and why, when it comes to healing, it’s the kind of love that makes all the difference.
  • This week’s guest, Deborah Huebsch, shares how being a Christian Science practitioner has helped her understand God more clearly: as the only power—the power of good—in our lives.
  • This week’s guest, Tony Lobl, shares insights he has gained from the Easter story—and how learning from Jesus’ example can help us all when things seem out of control.
  • This week’s guest, Beth Packer, is certain that God will heal every ailment. Why? She’s experienced and witnessed healing. She’s learned through her study of Christian Science that God, who is Truth, is an ever-present, reliable, and healing power.

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